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With Spring in the air and spring animals out to play, we thought that April was the perfect time to talk about all things bunnies – the ideal Spring animal we all love! Hence, the Easter Bunny. Here are ten fun facts that you may not know about bunnies:

1. Did you know there really is no distinct difference between a bunny and a rabbit? However, there is indeed a difference between a rabbit and a hare.

2. Their teeth never stop growing, much like a beaver!

3. While many may see rabbits as rodents, they actually can make wonderful pets! They can be trained much like a cat or a dog. The next time your kids or grandkids are expressing a want for a pet, try suggesting a sweet, fuzzy bunny.

4. Like kittens, rabbits purr when they are happy. How cute! And, they can even be taught to use a litter box like them as well.

5. Be careful of the bunny fever, though! It can be a really cute idea to gift your kids or grandkids a bunny for Easter. But, be mindful that the warm fuzzies can ease off quickly once the Easter season has transitioned into summer and fall. Don’t release them into the wild when that newness wears off. Spin it as a learning opportunity for your family for what commitment and responsibility look like. A stuffed bunny is just as good.

6. Contrary to popular belief, bunnies are not nocturnal. They are most active in the morning and right around sundown.

7. The tradition of the Easter Bunny is thought to have originated from Germany. Did you know that some countries celebrate Easter but don’t use rabbits around their traditions? You can read more about how the tradition is celebrated here!

8. Rabbits are known for their innate ability to reproduce. They can have lots of baby bunnies very quickly and in a short amount of time. The phrase “breed like rabbits” has a very literal connotation.

9. Peter Cottontail is such a cute movie and April would be the perfect time to watch it with your family. After watching, you can even share some of the fun facts you have learned reading this!

10. Here at Clark Exterminating, we actually do not treat bunnies. We love those little fur babies!

We hope you have enjoyed getting to learn more about rabbits and reading all about bunnies! If you begin finding critters around your home that aren’t as sweet, cute, or cuddly as rabbits, be sure to call Clark Exterminating!  Remember, “The Bug Stops Here!” 

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