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House Fly Horrors

Sunny days are best spent out on your patio enjoying a cookout with your family and friends. But then comes the flock of house flies that circle your food, ultimately landing in the middle of every dish on the table. It’s one thing when they “bug” you outside, but it’s even worse when they follow you inside and continue to pester your family. A fly swatter can only do so much to keep these pesky flies away. Our Clark Exterminating team knows all about these annoying pests and exactly what it takes to keep them away from your house party in Jacksonville, Malvern, Little Rock or Bryant.

You can usually get rid of house flies using a fly swatter, newspaper, towel or your hand. But it’s just as to spend ten minutes chasing them around your house, knocking over every decoration you have in the process. The end result of the self-extermination can leave you tired and frustrated – not everyone has Mr. Miyagi’s cat-like reflexes. While it’s normal to find a house fly inside from time to time, it’s a whole new ballgame if you have the right conditions to provide the perfect conditions for breeding. If this is the case, vigilant sanitation is needed before you’re stuck with hundreds of flies.

If you spend hours each week chasing around flies, you may need to look into a more permanent fix to your house fly problem. It’s probably a sign that other pests like fleas or cockroaches are also residing in your home. Learning more about them is the first step to getting rid of them.

They taste with their feet
When they land on your freshly made cheeseburger, they have officially tasted it before you (how irritating!). Flies are 10 million times more sensitive to tasting sugar with their feet than humans are with their tongue! Any sugary foods left sitting out in your home is a magnet for these pests.

They live between 15 and 25 days
Don’t let the short life span of a fly fool you. Once you let them in your home, that means the rest of the family isn’t barred behind. These pests thrive in places where there is an excess of garbage or pet waste. If you have an extreme house fly issue, it’s likely that there is waste hidden somewhere. Calling a professional keeps you from encountering another hidden mess.

They’re only able to feed on liquids
This is why they’re not a huge threat when it comes to landing on your food (other than the obvious gross factor). However, they are able to turn many solid foods into liquids for them to eat. While they work to turn solid food into liquids, these nasty bugs could also be leaving behind any of the 100 different kinds of diseases they’re known to carry.

No matter how bad your house fly problem is it’s worth it to call a professional to help you decide how to get rid of them for good. It may require more than just picking up around the house. If your house fly, or any pest, the problem is out of hand, just give us a call at (501)-588-2514. If you’re still on the fence about hiring an expert, imagine a world where you don’t have a constant black halo buzzing around you. Now that’s how you should enjoy a sunny day!

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