How Severe Weather Affects Bugs


With the last week in February is recognized as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Arkansas, we thought it might be helpful to write about some of the effects bad weather can have on insect and animal populations, and how you might want to take extra precautions after heavy storms when it comes to protecting your home against pests. Severe weather can cause damage to homes and surrounding ecosystems, and unfortunately, storm season will be here soon.

Pests are like us – they need shelter. However, this means that one effect that heavy rain and storms have is an increased risk of pests around the home as they are forced out of their usual shelters. If you already need pest control around Little Rock, Conway, Hot Springs or anywhere in Central Arkansas give us a call at 501-758-0322 for all your extermination needs, but in the meantime, here are some tips if you’re trying to keep your home bug-free this storm season:


Remove Sources of Food and Water
When insects enter your home, they’re looking for shelter and nourishment. Keeping a clean kitchen and storing all food in airtight containers is a good first step, but many pests (especially spiders) love moisture. Therefore, look for areas where moisture is usually a problem – leaky faucets, attics, basements, etc. and take extra precautions to limit moisture in these areas after a bad storm.

Seal Entrances
Many pests can find ways into your home no matter how much you prepare (ants for example), but you can certainly limit the number of insects in your home by inspecting your foundation and sealing any cracks greater than the size of a dime. Storm season has a habit of causing roof damage as well, so you may want to check that area for any holes wide enough for pests to fit through. If you have any serious damage, such as broken windows or doors, you may want to look into temporary covers until repairs can be made.

Here at Clark Exterminating, we understand how valuable life and home can be. That’s why we work to protect your home each and every day. Get prepared, and then batten down the hatches and let’s make it through storm season safe, sound, and bug-free. Remember, “The Bug Stops Here!”


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