How to Keep Your Yard Pest Free for Memorial Day Weekend

Keep Bugs Away

Memorial Day weekend is coming up soon, along with the usual plans for all kinds of fun outdoor activities, especially barbecues. But along with all of the festivities come all of the usual uninvited guests such as mosquitoes, flies, and wasps.

It can be difficult for your guests to have a good time at your barbecue if they’re fighting off unlimited pests from their food and their skin, so we have come up with some ways for you to prepare your yard and home for your party to help keep them away.

Citronella candles placed strategically around your yard will help to cut down the number of uninvited mosquitoes and flies during your cookout activities. Removing or draining sources of standing water can help to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and cut down on the number of them in your yard. Also, insect repellent containing Deet or Picaridin can help to keep those pesky pests off of your skin, helping to avoid itchy bites to deal with later on. And we are now excited to be offering our exclusive Mosquito Management Program! This will be your best defense this summer to keep those mosquitos away for good.

In addition to keeping these pests out of your food, you’ll want to try to avoid them getting into your home as much as possible while the festivities are underway. Prior to the planned barbecue, it’s a good idea to walk around your home and check all screen doors and windows for any tears or holes and patch them up. Asking your guests to make sure all doors are closed behind them can ensure that these uninvited guests stay outside, where they belong.

Other ways to make sure your guests have a great time including using plastic cups for beverages instead of cans since bugs can hide under the lip of cans. Wasps are particularly attracted to sweet scents, so avoid strong perfumes or shampoos if at all possible.

And finally, to help keep disease-carrying pests away from your food, make sure to plan to serve the food indoors, keeping the outdoor space for eating and entertaining.

If you need any assistance with getting your yard ready for your planned holiday activities, contact us online or call one of our locations, today! Remember, “The Bug Stops Here!”


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