Tips for a Pest Free 2018

New Year’s means new resolutions. While some may think it’s cliche, we can all agree that having a fresh start is a great reason to begin new habits. Whether it’s working out more, getting organized, or managing your finances getting into a good routine helps life run smoothly. For example, the organization is a resolution that is fairly easy to get behind and will leave you feeling prepared for the year to come.

That being said, one area that we know will help you in the year to come is the area of organization. More specifically, the organization in your kitchen. By organizing your food and ensuring it is properly stored, you can deflect bugs from entering your kitchen and rodents from dining with you as well.

Whether it’s your pantry, fridge, or your counter, all areas should be cleaned and orderly. Without proper organization and storage, pests can have easier access to your food in your home. By ensuring your food is properly stored, you will reduce the clutter in your pantry where bugs and insects like to lurk and hide, as well as rodents. Organizing your pantry is a foolproof way to clean up and avoid creating messy areas for bugs to feast.

Some of the best containers for food storage are OXO containers. They are perfect because they create an airtight seal to preserve the freshness of your food. The seal will ease your mind that no pesky pests will be getting into your food. Plus, the containers are clear so you can see your food and know where everything is, allowing for everything to appear nice and tidy. This way, you can keep the bugs out and keep freshness in.

After you have placed all your food into your new containers, be sure to label them. Have fun with this! Use cute labels, bright colors, and fun fonts. Make it a family activity and have your kids get in on the fun by breaking out the markers and decorating their favorite cereal containers. Amazon has some great label decorations as well.

Additionally, good ole classic chip clips work perfectly. They’re able to close your food and prevent your items from going stale. Glass jars can also be helpful for storing items that you use regularly like flour, sugar, or Keurig cups. Even simply ensuring that everything is in its place will do wonders for organizing your space. Adding a few bins for kid’s snacks can help to reduce clutter from boxes. Throw out the bulky packaging and place them in a bin for easy grab and go. If baskets aren’t your thing, try adding an over-the-door hanging rack instead like this.

Check out some of these inspirational photos for how your pantry can look. Aren’t these organized food storage ideas beautiful? If you happen to find some unwanted pests in your kitchen or home while you are decluttering and organizing, give the experts at Clark Exterminating a call. We know how to make those pests get out and stay out. Remember, “The Bug Stops Here!”


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