Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All products we use are safe for use around children and pets. We also have chemical-free services such as essential oil treatments available.

Not under most circumstances

Yes and no. Flying insects are some of the most difficult insects to get completely rid of– mainly because of how they get around because they can fly in from other locations without coming in contact with any control products. However, there have been some new products that are very effective in controlling flies and mosquitos.

We guarantee control of most household pests.

For a termite inspection we will only need inside any areas of the home our business that have a slab foundation. If you have a crawl space only, inspections can be done from underneath and around the outside. For pest control services, it is best if we can address pest problems from both inside and outside. However, some customers prefer a perimeter-only service. Sometimes pest problems can only be addressed by entering the home or business.

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