Pest Control Help in Benton

As the Benton area continues to grow, so does the chance for pests to invade our homes and offices. The more rural area that’s kicked up and knocked down for construction, the more bugs are looking for new homes.

Our team at Clark Exterminating is willing and ready to help with any pest problem you may encounter. Whether you’re a Benton homeowner or office manager – we have the knowledge and skills to treat the problems that come with an unfortunate pest invasion. For homeowners in Benton, we can help you prevent a termite infestation. Signing up for an annual termite inspection not only helps you avoid a potential problem down the road, chances are you’ll get a nice discount on your home insurance for having a termite protection plan. Nevertheless, if you’ve already had the unfortunate experience of termite damage, we can treat your home so that it never happens again. If you own a business or manage office space in the Benton area, you definitely want to make sure that you’re maintaining a bug-free zone. Cockroaches in a restaurant kitchen or bed bugs in a guest’s hotel room never bode well for business. Every Clark Exterminating pest technician is trained and equipped to handle all sorts of commercial pest control problems. The next time you see a spider weaving a web outside your back door or spot a cockroach skirting away in your bathroom – pick up the phone and call our Benton office right away! We’re just a phone call away and ready to help you at Clark Exterminating: (501) 776-1388.

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