10 Myths About Termites

10 Myths About Termites

Termites can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The last thing you want to see in your Cabot, Little Rock, or Benton home is wood damage from termites. At Clark Exterminating we know a thing or two about termites including how to separate myths from facts on these pests.


Myth #1 – Termites are part of the ant family.
Termites are not related to ants. They are more closely related to cockroaches than ants. Therefore, the pest control done for ant removal will not work on termites. Confusingly though, they are commonly referred to as a white ants in Australia.
Myth #2 – Termites are destroyed when forests are removed.
When termites are displaced from their home, they simply move on and find new food sources. They find healthier eating grounds, which could be the foundations of homes in the area. If you are moving into a new home where the land was recently cleared, it’s a good idea to check for termites before moving in.Myth #3 – Termites can eat through concrete.
Termites might be strong, but not that strong. The truth is termites can find their way through cracks in the concrete. Once one termite gets through, more and more will follow which will only make that crack larger. These small cracks might not be noticeable at first, but with a professional inspection, they can be detected.

Myth #4 – A brick house on a concrete slab is safe from termites.
Typically all houses have a wooden frame. Your home is not safe just because it is made of bricks and sits on a concrete slab. No matter how the wood is separated from the soil, termites can work their way to it from the ground underneath. The termites will find the cracks to access the wood.Myth #5 – My neighbor had termites and had a treatment. Now I have termites because they were pushed over to my home.
Termite colonies are huge. Several houses in a neighborhood can share one termite colony. Termite control in one house can make termites more active in another home that is already infested, but it will not drive them to another house. They aren’t going to safely cross the chemical barrier (which is poison to them) to invest in your house.

Myth #6 – Termites serve no useful purpose. They are simply destructive pests.
Termites are natural recyclers who break down deadwood in forests and turn it into nutrient-rich soil to help plants grow. They are an important part of the ecosystem.

Myth #7 – My home was treated for termites before construction so I don’t need to worry about them.
Termite treatments won’t last for 20 years. Some termite treatments have a one-year warranty with options to extend. However, environmental factors, products used around the house and the quality of work performed all influence the length of time the treatment is effective.

Myth #8 – Termites won’t eat wood from my home if there’s lots of mulch or decaying wood nearby.
Although decaying wood is easier to chew, that doesn’t mean termites will avoid consuming structural timber in your house. The insects continually seek new sources of food to eat and store for the long-term protection of the colony.Myth #9 – Simply spraying the ground and any other surfaces outside your home can kill termites.
Termites live in huge colonies. The only way you can eliminate them is by killing the colony and, most importantly, the queen who is the sole breeder. You have to target the entire colony to eradicate your termite problem.

Myth #10 – DIY termite treatment is a good option.
A DIY method won’t do you any favors. In fact, you can put your own health at risk or the health of family members and pets by using treatments that are not professionally managed. Specialized equipment is needed for truly proper treatment.

Whether you’re looking for actual termite treatment or simply want an inspection, Clark Exterminating can help. We offer both pre-construction and post-construction treatments for termites as well as termite inspections. If you’re in the Little Rock area, call (501) 588-2514 or (501) 776-1388 in the Benton area.

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