A Sticky Situation: Spider Webs to Watch Out For

Sticky Situation

Halloween is right around the corner, and while webs make great decorations, you probably don’t want to see real ones sticking around your house. We’ve all seen a spider web at some point in our lives — probably several. But did you know that there are different types of webs, each with its own unique functions? Here are a few common webs you should look out for around your living space!

Black Widow Web (Cobweb)

Black Widow spiders typically spin sticky, tangled cobwebs in various areas of the house and garage to catch prey. These webs may appear rather disorderly, and they’re typically near the ground. You may find them in a shed, in the attic, in the garage or in storage rooms that people rarely enter. Cobwebs often collect dirt and debris, and you may find yourself sweeping them out of corners or crawl spaces. While black widows spin this type of web, other harmless spiders such as the house spider create cobwebs as well.

Brown Recluse Web (Tent Web)

Brown recluse webs are often dome-shaped, loosely constructed and off-white or grayish in color. These webs aren’t used to catch prey like most other webs, but to serve as a home base for the spiders. The brown recluse will lay eggs, protect its young and hide out in its web, but will hunt for prey outside of it. These webs are often found in dark, dry areas that are out of sight such as ductwork, attics, boxes and basements. Be careful not to run your hand through one — brown recluse bites are no joke!

Other Webs

Other common webs include funnel webs, mesh webs, orb webs and sheet webs. Webs can be found all over the place, from tree branches in your yard to the corners of your bedroom. The rule of thumb is to never put your hand in a web to clear it away. Always use a broom, long stick or vacuum cleaner hose. If you suspect there are venomous spiders in your home, it’s important to call a professional pest control company to safely remove them as soon as possible.

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