All About Ants!

All about ants

As the weather gradually warms up (ok, it feels like it’s sky-rocketed), you might have noticed a few unexpected items lurking in your kitchen sink or sneaking around the counters. These unsuspecting “things” aren’t those impulse buys from the grocery store; we’re talking about ants. The unwelcome visitors that always seem to make your home their own in the summer.

At least one or two ants tend to make their way into our homes at some point in the year, but they’re especially present as summer draws near. Summer is just two weeks away and your friends at Clark Exterminating want you to be prepared. We put together a few facts about those annoying, tiny critters crawling around your kitchen and home as the temperatures rise.


Ants are drawn to water and sugar.
The kitchen and bathroom are prime locations for ants searching for something to wet their whistle. If the weather is particularly dry, ants may seek water in your house. And if you’re one to take a spill and think “it’s just water, it’ll dry itself out;” think again! This could be a major cause of an ant invasion. A small drip to you is an oasis to an ant. On the same note, if water makes it out of the shower or bathtub when you enter or exit, take a few moments to wipe up that excess water on the floor. This can help keep those ants away from the bathroom.

In addition to water, ants enjoy sugary treats just like humans do. Did your glass of lemonade take a tumble off of the counter? Ants can be attracted to juice or sugary drink spills. Try to clean up any spills right after they occur. Ants also can make their way into your sugar or fruit bowl. Storing your sweets in locked containers can help prevent an ant invasion.

Ants can gain access to your home through tiny cracks.
Ants may be teeny tiny, but in large numbers that can cause a big problem. With their itty-bitty bodies, ants gain access to our homes in the smallest places. A lot of times, ants can find cracks in our walls and windows that we wouldn’t normally notice. Filling in cracks around your foundation will help keep ants out of your home during the summer, and every other season, too. In addition to ants, sealing these cracks can prevent other pests, like cockroaches or spiders, from coming into your home. Sounds like a win-win now doesn’t it?

Clark Exterminating can help keep the ants away.

Ants are one of our specialties at Clark Exterminating. We’ve been in business for more than 35 years and keeping pests out of Arkansas homes is our specialty. Not only can we help keep the ants out of your home or office, we can also help control fire ants or fleas and ticks in your yard. Ants aren’t our only area of expertise, though. We offer services to get rid of tons of creepy crawlies that make their way into your home.Give us a call today for a quote for a pest control service for your home or business.


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