Protect your Pets from Pests

Pets from Pests

Sunshine and warm temps mean getting to be outside and enjoying the great outdoors! A summer adventure wouldn’t be half the fun without bringing our pets along for the journey. While we all love bringing back fun memories from adventures, oftentimes we bring back more than that – we bring back pests! This summer, Clark Exterminating wants you to enjoy the great outdoors with your pets while avoiding bringing pests home with you. To keep those pests outdoors where they belong, follow these steps all summer long.

Inspect your pets 
Ticks, fleas, and other critters love to hang out with your pets. Your pets, on the other hand, aren’t a fan of their company. In order to keep these pests away, be sure to check your pets regularly for any bites and parasites. In doing so, this will also help to prevent them from contracting a disease from pests. Applying a flea and tick preventive treatment can go a long way to ensuring your pets are pest-free this summer!
Prep your yard
Be sure to check your yard for pests such as fire ants, ticks, mosquitos, and any other creepy crawlies. Pests like to hide in dark, damp areas so be sure to clean out your gutters, mow the lawn, and rid areas of debris. If you have a birdbath or fountain, adding a drip can ensure that it does not become stagnant and invite mosquitos. This also helps to prevent rodents, who carry these pesky pests, from visiting your home.
Protect your home

Ensuring your home is pest-free on the outside is important, but so is protecting your home on the inside! Be sure to bathe your furry friends, as well as wash their bedding, toys, and collars to ensure these pests aren’t infesting you and your home. Make sure that your window screens do not have holes in them and if they do, be sure to repair them to keep those bugs out. Do what you can and let the professionals do the rest. Clark offers treatment plans for your home to keep your home pest-free year-round.

Check yourself
By protecting yourself, you are protecting your pets. Pests are no respecters of people or pets and can transfer between hosts. Be sure to apply bug and tick repellant when heading outside. Pests can hang on your clothes for a while too, so check your clothing and yourself for ticks before and after exploring the great outdoors this summer.
Say goodbye to pests and hello to a pest-free summer thanks to Clark Exterminating! Don’t forget: we offer FREE in-home estimates, so call us today to set up an appointment. Remember, the bug stops here!
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