Rodents: DIY or Professional Help?

DIY or Professional Help

Did you know that in the fall and winter, rodents like to find warm shelter and that can often mean they’ll find refuge in your home?

Rodents, by definition, are much more than just the common mouse or rat. Anyone care to guess what the top three mammals are in the world? Yes, humans are number one, but would you have guessed that the House Mouse is number two and the Norway Rat is number three? Both live here in Arkansas. I don’t know about you, but of those 3 I would only want humans living with me, sharing my food supplies, and using my home for shelter and warmth this Fall and Winter or anytime.

Rodent season has become a year-long problem. Repeating mild winters, aging building foundations, and infrastructures have allowed rodents to thrive. Rodents now make up 43% of all mammals on Earth. That means approximately 1 out of 2 mammals is a rodent. WOW!!! This is not something you should handle on your own. Seeking a professional, like one of our fabulous technicians from Clark Exterminating, is always the best way to go when it comes to treatment and prevention.

Recent studies have shown us that rodents are much more intelligent than we originally thought. They plan, make decisions, feel regrets, and use tools to access food. I’m not sure which of these facts surprised me the most, feeling regrets or using tools!?! Also, rodents can carry up to 5 million viruses and are cannibalistic.

Keeping all this in mind, would you want to risk having rodents in your home? DIY is great for building projects, decorating your home, or fixing small appliances, but why risk exposure to approximately 5 million viruses or the loss of structures, and food contamination? Professionals are trained to rid your property of rodents in an efficient, thorough manner. They have the knowledge and experience to look for things like squeeze points, harborage areas, and food sources. All things that are easy to miss and if not eliminated will allow rodents to thrive in your home.

While you can set out baits and traps, the only way you can be sure to rid yourself of them completely is to call an expert. Because they are such a mess, you should not and do not want to go at this alone. If you suspect that you have a mouse in the house or any other rodent crawling in your walls, call Clark Exterminating today to rid your home of them for good.

Don’t forget: Call us today for your rodent evaluation and remember, the bug (and rodents) stops here!


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