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During the climax of any Superman movie, Clark Kent transforms into Superman and gets busy serving the villains some Grade-A justice.  You watch as he dominates over evil. That is until the head-villain holds up a mysterious glowing green rock, forcing Superman to the ground, unable to fight back.

You may not be as intense with your cockroach problem as Superman, but there are probably times when it feels like you’re fighting some mighty villains. Certain pests are more persistent than others. No need to worry – the Clark Exterminating team is ready to help you with pest prevention and extermination in Conway, Cabot, Benton or Bryant, and anywhere in between!


Cockroaches can sometimes seem unstoppable. They are known for being extremely fast. They can travel up to three miles in one hour, which means that they can make it around your home quicker than the average bug.

They’re also known for being able to persist through pseudo extermination tactics. Many homeowners do not know how to quickly get rid of cockroaches before these pesky insects are able to grow their families.  Although cockroaches are tough to get rid of, they do have secret kryptonite.

Cockroaches may be able to endure some pretty weird circumstances, but they absolutely cannot survive without water. Though, they can survive one month without food; If they don’t have water, they’ll only last one week.

Oddly enough, these insects are able to survive about a week after decapitation due to their open circulatory system. Since the cockroach is missing its head, it no longer has a mouth to consume water and thus becomes dehydrated. For cockroaches, being decapitated is no match for a refreshing drink of water.

Knowing what a cockroach must have in order to survive allows you to better your home from a possible infestation. If you have a leak in your roof or dripping pipes, you may be creating a paradise for the wandering cockroach. When they are happy and healthy, they can move and mate quickly.  Even a newborn cockroach can travel just as quickly as an adult. They don’t waste time on claiming your house and neither should you.

Even if these persistent pests try to move into your space, the Clark Exterminating team is more persistent than these critters. We are a quick call away from getting rid of cockroaches in your home for good.

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