Ultimate Cheat Sheet: Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

Can you completely bug-proof your home? Is it possible that keeping the pests out of your Jacksonville, Malvern, or Little Rock home is within your control? You might be doing something every day to attract insects without even realizing it.

At Clark Exterminating, we have 35 years (and counting) of experience getting bugs out of your home. BUT…we also know how to keep them from getting in your home in the first place. Here’s our ultimate cheat sheet on keeping bugs out of your house:

Clean up regularly. This might seem obvious, but believe it or not some people who don’t have a consistent cleaning routine don’t understand why they have bugs. It’s simple: bugs gravitate toward messes. Vacuum regularly. On days when you don’t feel like taking out the trash make sure your bins are covered or sealed. Cockroaches hate the light and love the smell of paper, so try to avoid accumulating clutter areas that could attract them.

Don’t feed them. Insects need a source of food to survive. Don’t leave food out in the kitchen for an extended period of time. Wipe down your kitchen counter daily; what we see as crumbs are full feasts for some insects. Don’t leave dishes in the sink overnight. Throw away food scraps and packages. Whenever possible, store foods in airtight containers.

Lock them out. Seal your doorways. If you can see light and feel air passing through your entryways, that means a bug can get through as well. Install sturdy steel or aluminum threshold under the door; combine that with a door sweep for even better protection. You can also add weather stripping or door-seal kits to the perimeter of the frame to keep insects from entering along the sides or top of the door or windows.

Get protective screens. You can still enjoy the feeling of fresh air without inviting bugs into your house. Choose a 20-mesh or finer screen to keep out the most common household pests. Installing a screen is relatively easy and requires only basic tools. Remember that bugs can sneak through holes or tears in existing screens.

Don’t let them slip through the cracks. Sealing cracks on your home’s exterior can be one of the best ways to bug-proof your home. Examine the outside of your home and look for damaged or missing sections of siding, cracks in foundations, loose or crumbling bricks, and rotten wood. A crack can be an open invitation to a bug.

Take care of the yard. Insects are attracted to mulch, leaf litter, and garden debris in your yard. Be sure to keep mulch away from your home’s foundation. When trees and shrubs come in contact with your home, they function as highways for insects on the move. Keep tree branches trimmed so they don’t rest on your roof, and prune shrubs away from windows and doors.

Fix your leaks. Most insects require humidity to live, so any source of moisture can attract bugs. Fix any plumbing leaks promptly no matter how minor. Even condensation on pipes can drip and create a cozy place for bugs to live.

Don’t let your pets attract them. Some bugs like pet food, so are sure to clean your pet’s food dishes regularly. This is especially important if you move your pet’s food bowls from outside to the indoors at any point in time. Store dry food in airtight containers. If you have a cat, scoop and clean the litter box daily. Wash your pet’s bed and blankets regularly.
These simple tips can help you stop attracting bugs into your home. But if the bugs have already set up camp in your house, we can help! Clark Exterminating has experience in being able to get insects out of your Central Arkansas home. We will be happy to come to look at your house to solve your bug problem. Call us today at 501-588-2514 if you’re in the Greater Little Rock area or 501-776-1388 in the Benton area.

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