Little Rock

Pest Control Help in Little Rock

Is your Little Rock home crawling with ants? Looking for a safe way to get rid of that nasty hornet’s nest outside your front door? Are you finding tiny holes in the wood frame of your house? Sounds like it’s time to call on the pros!

Clark Exterminating is your residential pest control expert for the greater Little Rock area. Our team specializes in ridding your Little Rock home of pest and rodents. Each pest technician is certified and trained to eliminate whatever type of pest might be bugging you.

We don’t just specialize in residential pest control. If you’re a business owner or building supervisor, we can help. It’s hard to practice good business when ants are crawling around your desk or a spider is found in the break room – and that’s just for your employees. If you run a restaurant or hotel, the last thing you need are roaches in your kitchen or bed bugs in a guest’s room. We are certified for commercial pest control in Little Rock, too!

It’s important to call on the professionals to come in and clean up a serious bug problem. Each Clark Exterminating team member will work to educate you on ways to maintain a bug-free home, or office, in the future. Prevention is the key to keeping those nasty pests away!

We are a family-owned and –operated company and will work to make sure your Little Rock home or office in tip-top shape to keep you and your family safe! Here’s our number – (501) 228-0322 – give us a call today!

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