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Wasps are a REAL pain. They’re easily one of the most feared types of pests that we deal with each year. Wasps are known for building their nests near the popular places we like to gather outside, like porches and patios. They also build nests under decks, in door frames, and sheds, and garages. This can easily ruin barbecues, family gatherings, and outdoor activities due to the fear of being stung. Many are reddish-brown, but some are black with yellow markings on them. They have a slim “waist” area, antennae, and 6 legs. Luckily, the team at Clark Exterminating can help you take back your living space!


Nobody wants to be stung by a wasp. Ouch! You’ll likely experience a raised welt with some pain and swelling. Wasps are known to be more aggressive than bees and can sting several times. If they feel threatened, or think their nest may be threatened, they may even attack in groups. If you’re allergic to wasp stings, the outcome can be serious and you should seek medical attention right away. Signs of an allergic reaction include swelling of the lips and face, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and lightheadedness.


Wasps are drawn to food, so don’t leave it sitting out on your porch. They particularly like meats, sweets, and sugary liquids like soda. You should also pick up any outside trash around your yard, clean your trash cans regularly, and tightly seal all outdoor garbage cans. Make sure that any doors or windows you leave open have screens so these pests can’t get inside. Trim the bushes around your home, and cut your grass frequently as well.


Store-bought sprays are only so effective, and it’s certainly risky to try to remove a wasp nest on your own if you’re inexperienced. If you have a wasp problem inside or outside of your home, contact the professionals at Clark Exterminating today. We’ll get rid of the wasps and nests in your living area so you can get back to enjoying the beautiful weather with your loved ones.

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