4 Surprising Bugs Found in Arkansas

surprising bugs found in arkansas

Though it’s not something we like to think about all the time, bugs are everywhere. There are more than one million identified species of insects in the world, and experts say that even more of them have yet to be discovered. Even if you think you might have seen all of Arkansas’s bugs at one point in your life, there are bound to be some bugs hanging out around the state that you might not know about. Lots of insects call The Natural State home. Our specialty at Clark Exterminating is keeping these bugs at bay and out of your home, but we’ve come up with four bugs that could surprise you if you find them around your house throughout the year.


  1. Arrow-Shaped Micrathena Spiders – These brightly colored tiny spiders look like something out of a storybook. These spiders have an “arrow-shaped” abdomen and spin intricate, circular webs. They don’t usually enter homes, but they can be found outside homes and gardens around the timber. Don’t fear if you see one of these bright little guys, because they are completely harmless to humans.
  2. Hag Moth Caterpillar – These fuzzy fellows look more like they should live in outer space rather than Arkansas. They look more like an alien than a moth or a caterpillar. These are also known as monkey slug caterpillars. The hag moth caterpillar is covered in tiny hairs, but they do not sting. However, you’d definitely notice them if you saw them around your home. They are not a threat to agriculture, but they’re commonly found in orchards.
  3. Venusta Orchard Spider – Though they might look a little scary, Venusta orchard spiders are very beautiful and look like a stained glass window. They have a capsule-shaped abdomen and can be found in trees and shrubs. They weave horizontal webs and are very fast.
  4. Yucca Plant Bugs – These bugs might seem like they belong in the desert with the plants they feast upon. Yucca plant bugs drink the Yucca plant’s juices at the base of the plant. The plants will then begin to have yellow spots on their leaves, and it might seem as if the plant needs more water, but the bugs will drain the fluids from the plant until it dies.
Hopefully, you never run into one of these unexpected bugs, but if they show up around your home, Clark Exterminating is the team you should call. No one wants to see even the most harmless of bugs around their home. Maybe you will discover a whole new type of bug around your home that we’ve never seen before, but we can definitely get rid of it for you. We’ve got locations across the state and have the perfect treatment for your home if you are in need of pest control. Give us a call today and we will get you the treatment you need.

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