4 Famous Childhood “Pests”

Famous Childhood Pests

Thinking of a mouse or spider or a cricket, even, might give you the creeps, but some just hold a special place in our hearts. It’s true; getting rid of pests is our main focus here at Clark Exterminating. However, there are a few famous pests that we can’t help but smile about when we think of them. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and visit four of the most famous “pests” of our childhood.


1. Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Who can forget about this famous rodent duo? They’re probably the wealthiest characters in the world! Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928, and he has since become the face of the Disney brand. There are differing stories about how Walt Disney was inspired to create a mouse character, but legend has it the character was created after a tame mouse he had as a child. Mickey’s famous girlfriend, Minnie, was also created in 1928 and is known to get into predicaments where Mickey has to rescue her.

2. Charlotte the Spider
It’s hard to like a spider, but Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web is one exception. She was one great friend to Wilbur the pig. The original book by E. B. White was published in 1952, and kids have fallen in love with Charlotte ever since. Charlotte befriends Wilbur the pig after he’s sold to his owner’s uncle. She spins webs with words to highlight her new friend’s personality. Maybe we’d love spiders a little more if they left us notes each morning?
3. Jiminy Cricket
This familiar singing cricket made its debut in Pinocchio in 1940. He is Walt Disney’s version of the “talking cricket” from the original tale of Pinocchio. He serves as Pinocchio’s conscience on his journey to becoming a real boy. Jiminy might be most famous for his song, “When You Wish Upon A Star,” which was originally sung by Cliff Edwards, who voiced the character until the 1960s.

4. Chuck E. Cheese
This famous rodent originated in 1977 and is known for his kids’ pizza restaurant. Chuck E. Cheese co-founder Nolan Bushnell got a generic costume at a trade show, and he assumed it was a coyote. After discovering a large pink tail, Chuck E. Cheese, the rat was born. Chuck E. didn’t become a mouse until the 1990s when his character was rebranded. He still performs songs with his friends for restaurant patrons as they munch on pizza and play games.

These characters probably brought back some fond memories and hopefully put a smile on your face. But that doesn’t mean you want to find a mouse, spider or any pest in your home! It’s our goal here at Clark Exterminating to keep pests out of your house and let the famous ones stay on your TV screen. If you catch a critter creeping around your house, give us a call today for a quote on any pest treatments we offer.

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