5 Most Colorful Bugs

Colorful Bugs

Getting rid of bugs is our main focus here at Clark Exterminating. However, there are some bugs out there that are quite pretty. We see our fair share of ugly bugs, so we thought we should take some time to appreciate the beautiful bugs that exist in the world. Our Clark Exterminating team put together a list of the most colorful bugs around. You might want to take a closer look at these beautiful bugs before you squish them. (Oh and just a side note, just because they’re pretty doesn’t mean we’d want to see them in our homes.)


1. Rosy Maple Moth
These colorful moths are found in North America and are yellow and pink in color. You can’t help but think only happy thoughts when you see one with its spring-like color scheme. The adult moths don’t have mouths, but rosy maple moth caterpillars eat from red, silver, and sugar maple trees.2. Sagra Buqueti Beetle
These beetles are also known as “frog-legged leaf beetles.” Though they aren’t green like a frog, they have an iridescent green look and have rather large legs. The males are much larger than the females and have large back legs that are used as defense mechanisms. They’re found in Thailand and Malaysia.
3. Rosemary Beetles
Rosemary Beetles aren’t found in America and are most common in southern Europe. They look a lot like a bug wearing a fun-colored button-down shirt with their metallic green and purple stripes on their bodies. These little guys usually grow to be as big as about .30 inches, but they cannot fly.
4. Picasso Bug
We think that Picasso himself should have used one of these bugs as inspiration for one of his famous paintings. If the name didn’t give it away, these bugs have quite an artistic pattern on their exoskeletons. They have 11 ring-shaped dots on them, and these markings serve as a warning to the Picasso Bug’s predators. They’re found in the tropics of Africa.]
5. Monarch Butterfly
We couldn’t leave butterflies off of this list. Monarchs are found in Arkansas and we know them to be a sure sign of the arrival of spring and summer. Gardeners welcome their familiar orange and black patterns into their gardens because the butterflies help pollinate flowers.

Though our list has only five different colorful bugs, there are tons and tons of bugs out there. Some are colorful and pretty, while others make our skin crawl. What are some of the prettiest bugs you’ve seen? We’d love to know!

Our experts at Clark Exterminating have seen a lot of different kinds of pests, whether they are teeny tiny insects or rodents, we’ve got the equipment we need to get rid of pesky critters around your house. With spring and summer just around the corner, you want to be prepared for anything that might come your way—welcome or not. We can help solve your bug problem. Give us a call today to get a quote or schedule pest control at your home or office.

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