Avoid a BedBug Invasion While Traveling This Holiday Season

BedBug Invasion

Have you ever wondered where the saying, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite” came from?

This old saying dates back to the mid-20th century as something that was said, often to a child, as a wish for that person to have a good night’s sleep. For our crew here at Clark Exterminating, this has a much more literal meaning.

If you’re finding yourself saying this and meaning it, let our extermination professionals keep it from becoming a reality.

Bedbugs are the worst! Bedbugs, unfortunately, are a common pest in many American households and, yes, even hotels. Yikes! Bedbugs are known for their ability to travel with ease. What we mean is – these bugs can sneak onto your clothes, inside your luggage and even more while you’re traveling. This holiday, as you’re likely to travel more, the Clark team wants to share a few tips on how to avoid these critters creeping into your home.

Since bedbugs are lurking all around, be sure to check your hotel rooms thoroughly when traveling over the holidays. That’s not the kind of gift anyone wants to bring home this year and certainly not the guests anyone would like to be hosting. Before you decide to cozy up by the fire after a long day of traveling, be sure to thoroughly inspect your luggage, coats and other items to ensure they didn’t travel with you.

They do not come out during the day, rather, they prefer to come out in the evening.
They like to wait until we are asleep and then attack and feed on us. After they feed on someone at night, they can go 10 days without feeding again. During that break, they digest their food and mate. Bedbugs can live up to several months without feeding on a human host. If you do get bitten, you’ll likely find several itchy, red bumps on the affected area. lots of red bumps will appear and they will be itchy. Needless to say, if you see them while on the road or if you think you might have brought them home with you, call an expert and leave the clean-up to us!

If you’re still not sure what to be looking for, here is some insight. Bedbugs are very tiny bugs that feed on humans when they sleep. Bedbugs are tiny, brown bugs that become redder in color after they have eaten. Contrary to their name, they can be found in other places than your bed. They can also be found on and in furniture in public places such as your workplace, the movie theatre, as well as other spots.

The key to ridding your home of bedbugs begins with understanding how they work. Bedbugs like to be in groups and work together, so much so, that even when you think you’ve gotten them under control and out of your home, there are probably still more lurking. Any at-home or DIY treatment can only cause more harm than good since bedbugs can develop a resistance to different treatments.

These pesky critters are difficult to get rid of without an expert. That’s where we come in. If you think you have a bedbug problem, call the experts at Clark Exterminating. If it’s not a bedbug problem, no worries. We offer a variety of pest control treatments. Call us today to set up an appointment for your pest control needs. Remember, the bug stops here!


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