Creepy Crawly Costumes for Cheap

Costumes for Cheap

It’s true, pests are the most unwanted and unwelcome roommates. Here at Clark Exterminating, we’re determined to ensure no pest actually moves into your home. However, there is one time a year when it’s okay to have a few critters or pests in the house. We’re talking about Halloween – and only the costume-kind!

There’s no harm in dressing your kids up as adorable bumblebees or ladybugs for the upcoming spooky holiday. No sewing kit is necessary, these DIY costume ideas are affordable and practically waste-free!

Bumble Bee
Put down your sewing needles and thread – this DIY costume is pretty simple and won’t take long to assemble.
What you’ll need: a black shirt, black leggings or pants, yellow felt or ribbon, hot glue gun and glue, black headband, two black pipe cleaners, and one roll of bubble wrap.

Cut the felt or ribbon into strips and hot glue them onto the blacktop. Grab your sheet of bubble wrap, fold it in half, and cut a wing shape – essentially, a rounded upside-down heart. Use the hot glue gun to apply to the back of the shirt. Lastly, you’ll make the antennae. Wrap the pipe cleaners around a pen to create a spiral, then carefully glue them onto the top of the headband. Make sure everything is dry and voila, your little munchkin will be the cutest bee on the block.

Another cute, easy, and sewing-free costume for the kids.
What you’ll need: a red T-shirt, black leggings or pants, a black headband, two black pipe cleaners, duct tape, black tulle, a hot glue gun, and glue.

First, grab your scissors and duct tape. Cut circular pieces of the tape and place them all over the T-shirt. Next, you’re going to create the wings. Cut about two feet of tulle, bunch it together, and tie one of the pipe cleaners around the middle of it. Use the hot glue gun to attach the wings to the shirt. Lastly, you need to make the antennae for the costume. Wrap half of each pipe cleaner around a pencil, leaving the other half straight. With the plastic headband, wrap the bottom of each pipe cleaner once to secure them, then add a dot of hot glue for good measure. Be ready for your kiddo to be the cutest ladybug your neighborhood has seen.

Another annoying creature that likes to roam through your walls and floorboards is the mouse. But how cute will your little one be with whiskers and a button nose? What you’ll need: gray hoodie, gray pants or leggings, black face crayon (or eyeliner from mom’s makeup bag), gray and pink felt, two safety pins, a hot glue gun, and glue.

Cut two circles of the gray felt and two ovals with pointed ends of the pink felt. Hot glue the pink piece onto the gray circle; once that dries, hot glue each ear to the top of the hoodie and use a safety pin to prop it upright. Now that the outfit is complete, all you have left is to draw on the whiskers and nose! Take the eyeliner, and fill in a small circle at the tip of your child’s nose. Next, draw three lines on each cheek for the whiskers. And just like that – you’re all finished!

While your children may make the cutest bug or rodent for Halloween, our team at Clark Exterminating works hard to ensure your central Arkansas home isn’t filled with any of the real ones. We offer free in-home estimates, so give us a call today!


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