Fight the Fall Intruder: Rodents

Fall Intruder

Everyone loves to curl up next to the fireplace when the temperatures begin to drop, including pests. Once the temps drop below 80 degrees, it seems like everyone starts to anticipate the start of fall (even if you still break a sweat outside).

The first official day of fall is September 22 this year. Though we might not see an immediate temperature difference, once there is a change that means you might find a few unexpected guests in your home. Rodents, like humans, want to find somewhere warm to hang out when those chilly temperatures creep into our lives.

Clark Exterminating is always here to stop your bug problem in its tracks, but we’ve also got more than 35 years of experience in getting rid of mice, rats and all of those other yucky rodents that can come in and start to destroy your home. The Clark Exterminating team has compiled a list of a few things to look for if there are some not-so-welcome furry guys hanging out in your home this fall.

Strange Noises
If you are starting to hear strange scratching or rustling noises when you lie down to go to sleep at night, you might not just be scared of the dark – you might have a rodent problem. Mice and other rodents can make their way into your walls and build nests and can start to chew wiring and tear things up. If you hear squeaks in your walls, that could be a sign there are nests of baby mice nearby, which is another problem in itself. Female mice can have anywhere from five to 10 litters of mice per year and have an average gestation period of 19 to 21 days. It doesn’t take long for a couple of mice to turn into dozens.

Mice and rats are very messy. They don’t go to the bathroom in one place … they’d rather use your entire home as their bathroom. If you see any signs of mouse or rat droppings around your home, it’s best to call in the experts before your problem gets worse. Not only is this gross, but it’s also a surefire sign that you’ve got some rodents on the loose.Markings
Since mice and rats like to hide in places that we can’t get to when we have a Saturday cleaning spree, the hair on their body gets extremely oily. When they’re squeezing into tiny holes in your home, they can leave stains on surfaces that look like a “grease mark” on your wall. If a mouse is continually going into a certain spot to hide out, these marks can get larger and larger.If you see any of these signs in your central Arkansas home, give Clark Exterminating a call. We offer free in-home estimates and are happy to come out and offer a solution to any of your pest problems. We’ve been in the business for 36 years – give us a call today!


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