Five of the Scariest Bugs Around

scariest bugs around

With Halloween right around the corner, scary things are everywhere! But when it comes to bugs, these creepy critters stick around all year long. Most people aren’t fans of bugs (we’ve even made a career out of getting rid of them). The good news is that our experts at Clark Exterminating are here to keep those creepy crawlers out of your Cabot, Benton, or Little Rock house. Our team has named the five bugs that are truly terrifying to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.

Asian Giant Hornet
These bugs are found mainly in eastern Asia and are the largest hornet species in the world. These hornets are known for their bad attitudes and can grow up to the size of a human thumb. Asian giant hornets have the ability to kill 40 bees in just one minute. The hornets are attracted to human sweat, alcohol, and sweet smells and flavors. And if these facts are making you want to run away screaming — don’t. These hornets are super sensitive when animals or people run! 

Assassin Bug
If this bug’s name doesn’t scare you, these facts will. Assassin bugs can grow up to 1.6 inches in size and use their beaks to pierce their prey. Not only does this bug pierce its prey, but it also uses its beak to suck the body fluids from victims. An assassin bug’s bite is very painful and can make you sick. They like to be left alone. Though it’s scary, the assassin bug is crucial to keeping the insect population in check, so we need to keep them around.
Bot Flies
A fly might seem relatively harmless, but bot flies are anything but that. Botflies lay eggs in the skin of livestock, deer, and humans. Female botflies attach their eggs to a mosquito or other type of parasite, and they do the legwork, taking the eggs to where they need to go. Once the parasite bites the host, such as a human, body heat causes the eggs to hatch and larvae penetrate the skin.

Giant Orb Weaving Spider
These spiders can eat birds. Just in case you missed it: they can eat birds. Their diet is primarily made up of insects and other small organisms. However, if a frog or bird gets caught in its web, it looks like dinner to the orb-weaving spider. They have bad eyesight, so these spiders depend on the vibrations of their webs to find prey they’ve trapped. Though these spiders are scary-looking, their bites are mild, and they only bite when they are handled.

Army Ants
These little guys can cause big problems. Army ants never act alone and they have “machete jaws.” A typical army ant colony has anywhere from 300,000 to 700,000 ants. These ants are blind, but since they hunt in such large numbers, they can overtake their prey, such as tarantulas or scorpions. Their attack formation is called a “swarm raid.” If that doesn’t make you want to head for the hills, we don’t know what will!

Bugs can be scary, but we can keep them out of your house with a variety of pest control treatments. Give us a call anywhere across central Arkansas and we’ll help keep those creepy bugs out of your home and outside where they’re supposed to be.

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