Get in the Back-to-School Groove

Back to School Groove

It’s hard to wrap our heads around it, but the sad truth is – summer has come to an end. At least for the kids and the lovely school-free days, they’ve enjoyed for nearly three months. The temperatures may still be high, but school has started. It’s now time to break out those backpacks and lunch boxes once again.

Are you finding yourself struggling to make it out of the door on time, or just dragging as you try to get back into a routine for another school year? As we head into the first official week of classes for most central Arkansas kiddos, now is the time to create a routine that will last the entire school year. Lucky for you, our Clark Exterminating team has some experience in the back-to-school game. So we wanted to share a few pointers for those of you who are having trouble getting back in the swing of school.


1. Start your school routine early.
If you’re starting school this week, this one might be a little late for you. But, if you’ve still got a few days or weeks before school starts, this tip is for you! A few weeks before school starts, move your bedtime back to what it normally is when school is in session. Once the alarm goes off on the first day of school, you and the kiddos will be a little more prepared to get going after practicing for a few weeks prior.

2. Preparation is everything!
Whether it’s packing a lunch, laying out your child’s clothes, or simply gathering up your child’s belongings for school, a little bit of preparation can go a long way. You could even go as far as putting your child’s backpack in the car the night before school. Having these little things done in the morning can make a difference when you’re trying to make it out the door to beat the traffic.

3. Set aside an area specifically for homework.
 A child’s room can be his or her sanctuary, or just a place for some peace and quiet. It’s best to set aside a table or desk, away from distractions (phones included), to use as a homework station. This area should have all of the supplies that your child needs to do his or her homework.
4. Make time for fun in the chaos.
 Don’t forget that your kids are still kids, even if they are in school. After that first week back, reward your kids for a job well done with a trip to their favorite restaurant or an adventure to a park that they love. A little bit of a break after a hard week at school can be good for everyone in the family.

Don’t throw off that back-to-school groove with a pesky pest infestation! Having insects or other pests around your home during the beginning of school can throw a wrench in any routine. Let Clark Exterminating come to fix your bug problem, and it’ll be one less thing for you to worry about as school draws near. We’ve been serving central Arkansas for 36 years, and aren’t stopping anytime soon. Let one of our experts come to your home and give you a free quote. Give us a call today!


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