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Identify Bed Bugs

Is this really a bed bug? Imagine waking up to find a bug bite on your arm or leg. It’s troubling to know that a pesky bug claimed your skin as its feast while you were fast asleep. If the bites are small, most people assume that they have a bed bug problem. Though it’s not always the case, it’s still worth checking out. Our dedicated team at Clark Exterminating is available to examine any big problem for you. When it comes to your home in North Little Rock, Cabot, or Conway, we know how important it is to handle a bed bug problem quickly and efficiently.

Curious if this critter is lurking in your home? Here’s how you can check:

Check your mattress.
If you find a bug bite on your body after a good night’s rest (or so you thought), immediately examine your bed for signs of bugs. Check the mattress for poppy seed-sized bugs. Also, check under the mattress pad and between the sheets.

If you find a bug, look at it closely.
There are thousands of small pests that are difficult to identify. Bed bugs, like many other types of bugs, are very small. You’ll know a bed bug when you see one though. They are brown, round, and have a small head. They’re often described to be the size of a lentil.

Examine the bite
Bed bug bites often contain several small bites grouped near each other. Many bites will form rashes around them from the saliva the bed bugs leave behind. Regardless of the size of the infestation, no number of bed bugs is acceptable. Bed bugs are an unnecessary nuisance in your home.

Call Clark Exterminating for professional extermination.
We can get rid of any critter hiding in places you cannot see. While they are “bad” bugs, they can also crawl through several other areas in your home. An exterminating professional can make sure the bed bugs haven’t traveled into baseboards, wallpaper, or other furniture.

Call our Benton office at 501-712-3721 or our Little Rock office at 501-588-2514 to start getting rid of any little pests in your home. With so many things to do during the day, you can rest assured that your home is a bed bug-free. We are dedicated to providing service that solves bug problems for you and your family.

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