Local Arkansans Taking Precautions Against Bed Bugs

Local Arkansans

We’ve spoken a lot lately about termites, but this week we thought we’d talk about another tenacious pest making its way into Little Rock homes – bed bugs. Bed bug infestations are always best left to the professionals, so if you need bed bug treatment in Jacksonville, bed bug inspections in Hot Springs, or just to get rid of bed bugs in Conway give Clark Exterminating a call today and let us get to work for you!

A recent survey from the National Pest Management Association has shown that many Americans are taking preventative measures against bed bugs this time of year. The 2014 Bed Bug Awareness Week Survey, which surveyed 2,000 US adults during March 2014, found that 59% of Americans take some precaution against bed bugs, whether that means mattress covers, inspections, or vacuuming their luggage after long trips.

Since bed bugs are, next to termites, one of the hardest types of pests to treat and control, it’s encouraging to hear that many Arkansans are being proactive about preventing bed bug infestations. As with many pest problems, public awareness goes a long way towards protecting homes and families. Since bed bug awareness week was April 20-26, why not use this time of year to do some research on how to protect your home against these tenacious pests?

Bed bugs are known for being nature’s hitchhikers, latching on to luggage, clothing, and personal items to travel far and wide in search of food. Since bed bugs reproduce rapidly and are small enough to hide in cracks and crevices, once they get into your home they are extremely difficult to control. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, inspect any mattresses thoroughly (especially the underside or headboards) and don’t trust DIY bed bug treatments – even with professional help it can sometimes take several treatments to fully eradicate an infestation.

Want to learn more about bed bugs? Here are some highlights from the NPMA survey:

• 34% of Americans check mattresses or sheets whenever they check into a hotel.
• 29% of respondents would avoid locations where they heard there might be an infestation.
• 28% stay aware of their surroundings when putting down their belongings in a public place.
• A full 8% of people keep their luggage in trash bags or protective covers when staying in a hotel.

Furthermore, a huge majority of respondents would take action if they discovered they had a bed bug problem in their homes. 69% stated that they would wash their sheets and bedding in hot water, 64% would vacuum or clean their bedroom, 62% would contact a professional pest control company, 40% would buy a DIY bed bug treatment, and 30% would even throw away their mattress and get a new one.

As you can see, when it comes to bed bugs people don’t like to fool around. If you have a bed bug problem around the Little Rock area, give our professionals at Clark Exterminating a call. We’ve serviced Central Arkansas for over 30 years, and we know how to get rid of bed bugs for good. Our numbers are 501-712-3721 for the Greater Benton Area and 501-588-2514 for the Greater Little Rock Area.

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