Most Common Springtime Pests and How to Rid Them


Ah, Spring. A time when birds are in the air, flowers are in bloom, and all around you is the sound of… pests! Fortunately, your friends at Clark Exterminating are professionals and have exactly the help you need. Beat the buzzing bees and the busy ants before they invade your home this year with these simple tips.

1. Find stinging insects before they find you
Early spring is the best time of year to search your property for wasp nests and beehives before they get too big. Be sure to give special attention to gutters and awnings, where wasps love to build. A quick spray now will save you from battling a full swarm later.

2. Avoid the ants
One of the very first pests to come back after spring are the ants. Carpenter ants, common black ants, and fire ants will all march on into your home if given any opportunity. Along with keeping countertops food-free, you should also walk the exterior of your home a few times each spring to look for cracks and crevices that could allow ants access into your home. If you find any, call a professional immediately so they can take proper steps to ensure your home is ant-free.

3. Shoo, fly!
Arguably the most annoying springtime pest: the fly. They will be swarming the second the weather starts to warm up. Common house flies are simple enough to deter with things like citronella candles or orange, lavender, or clove essential oil diffusers. If horseflies are more common in your area, specialized horsefly traps will attract the biting bugs and kill them instantly.

4. Pests’ best friends: plants 
Springtime is the perfect opportunity to groom your property before it blooms into a haven for pests. Remember, plants are like bridges from the ground into your home. Clear away any vines or branches that stray too near your house to keep all wandering insects from climbing aboard.

Sometimes we do everything right but a stubborn population of pests will invade despite our best efforts. If you find yourself in a buggy bind this spring, give your friends at Clark Exterminating a call. When pests seem out of control, we guarantee the bug stops here.

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