Winter Survival Guide: Keep Germs and Bugs at Bay

Winter Survival

We all love to cozy up on the couch with a warm blanket and flip through the channels – especially when it’s cold outside. Since you probably spend more time in your home now than in warmer months, have you stopped to think that maybe pests are, too? The professionals at Clark Exterminating know how to keep your home critter-free in every season.

This time of year it’s even more important to have a pest-free home in order to keep some of those nasty winter germs from spreading, too. No one wants to be cuddled on the couch with a box of tissue and a bottle of cold medicine. To help keep those germs and bugs at bay, our Clark experts have a few tips on how to help prevent winter infestation.

Living Room
Think about the areas that get the most hands-on action in your living area: lamps, pillows, remotes, and blankets. And out of those we’ve mentioned, guess which one harbors the most germs? The remote! Everyone in your house uses it, and probably multiple times throughout the day. Therefore, all the germs you’re carrying around at your fingertips are transferred onto the remote. Solution: clean you’re remote daily, or at the very least weekly, to ensure you’re not creating a cozy home for germs and bacteria, too.Bathroom
This is a tough one to keep clean and free of germs. Bathrooms typically have a more wet, warm, and moist environment thanks to our healthy habits of showering and washing our hands. The catch-22 is that can create the perfect environment for a variety of germs and pests. Centipedes are a common critter in the bathroom due to their love for a high moisture environment. Silverfish also love high humidity environments and can be found in your bathroom – although they’re harder to spot due to their translucent coloring.

Surprisingly, the showerhead contains the most germs in the bathroom. This is caused by how often we shower and the amount of moisture it holds even when we’re not using it. Bacteria love your showerhead. The best way to combat germs and potential critters hiding in your shower: soak your showerhead in warm white vinegar overnight once a month. You should replace it once a year as well.

The kitchen is number three on the list of most-frequented areas in your home. Some of the most commonly used items around the kitchen include your refrigerator handle, stovetop, scrub brush, sponges…you get the idea. And you probably know which one contains the most germs. The sponge. Sponges have all those crevices perfect for bacteria to infest. Replace your sponge every two weeks, and in between replacements, run your sponge through the dishwasher to get a thorough cleaning.

Also, make sure you keep all food in airtight containers and don’t leave your pet food out overnight. Mice and cockroaches love to invade your cooking area looking for crumbs and other goodies to nibble on.

Here at Clark Exterminating, we love sharing tips to ensure your home isn’t the perfect hiding place for pests. We hope you can enjoy the winter months without a pest or germ infestation. Call us immediately if you’re worried these pests are invading your living space. Don’t forget, we offer free in-home estimates, too!

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