Most Common Summertime Pests

Summertime Pests

When the sun comes out to play, the bugs do the same. Clark Exterminating knows that summer and bugs are not the greatest mixes. We wanted to share with you which pests are most common during the summertime so you know what to look for and steer clear of. Along with which pests are prevalent in the heat, we’ve also listed some things you can do to prevent these critters from bugging you and your home this summer. Don’t give these bugs any reason to linger around. Keep reading to learn which bugs are most likely to overstay their welcome during the hotter months.

These creepy crawlers like cold, dark areas so be sure to check spaces that offer that environment. Don’t forget to check your clothes before you enter your home so that you do not bring in any with you.

Those pesky things just will not give up! They thrive in warm, humid environments, which means it’s extra hard for us southerners to avoid. Bug spray and citronella candles are both great to use to repel and stop them from biting.

Stop them at the source! Make sure all of your food is tightly closed and put away. Be sure to clean up sticky, sugary messes because ants especially love that stuff – but we do not love them! Taking out the garbage often will also help prevent them from congregating around your food scraps. Additionally, fire ants are out. Watch for their mounds so you do not step on them and get stung.

Wasps, bees, and hornets
Stings hurt! Protect your family from painful stings by being on the lookout for their nests. If you are eating outside, be sure to put away the sodas since they tend to gravitate towards sugary things.

These little suckers can be dangerous to you and your pets’ health. After a day enjoying the great outdoors, be sure to check yourself and the rest of the family for ticks. Because they can carry diseases, be sure if you do find one on you that you remove it immediately and completely.

If pests are sticking around longer than you’d like this summer despite your best efforts, it’s time to call in the pros. The professionals at Clark Exterminating have years of experience dealing with pests and can handle even the worst infestation. We even offer FREE in-home estimates, so call us today to set up an appointment, the bug stops here!

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