Preventative Practice Makes Perfect When it Comes to Termite Treatment

Preventative Practice Makes Perfect

Did you know termites destroy approximately 600,000 homes in the United States each year? Furthermore, termites are responsible for an average of $5 billion in property damage annually. Is there a way to avoid your Jacksonville home or Little Rock business from succumbing to these statistics? Yes! At Clark Exterminating, our skilled professionals know how to get rid of termites in your home – and keep them from coming back.

If you’re building a new home or business, one of the best ways to avoid termites is to take preventive measures. Our termite experts here at Clark came up with some tips to avoid an infestation and potential damage during the construction process.


Why Treat Pre-Construction?
Subterranean termites make their homes in the soil, building mounds and tunnel systems throughout the dirt. They love feeding on dead plants, trees, and wood. Since they are tiny and often go unnoticed until they start causing damage, it’s important to pre-treat any construction site. You could be building on top of these pests without even knowing it!

Everyone building a new structure should consider termite pre-construction treatment. Treating houses and buildings during construction is the best time. With proper pre-treatment, the soil next to the foundation is treated with chemicals and is sealed after the foundations are established. The goal of pretreatment is to create a barrier between the termites, the soil, and the wood in your home.

When Is the Right Time?
It’s important to coordinate just the right time with the builder. If you’re building on a concrete slab, the treatment should take place before the slab is poured. You’ll want to treat the soil underneath and around where the concrete slab will be placed. It should be after form boards, rebar, and sub-foundation plumbing are installed but before concrete is poured.

It’s also not uncommon for the wood plates and joists for the flooring to be treated as well. In addition, there may be a second treatment once the foundation has been backfilled and the final soil grading is completed. Several trips to the building site will be necessary for thorough pre-construction treatment. That’s why it’s important to have good communication between the owner, builder, and pest control company.

Adding On?
Remember that if you add on to your home or business that area likely has not been treated. You’ll have to coordinate again with the exterminating company to have them treat the new space. This treatment applies to an addition to your home or business or if you’ve built a carport or storage shed on your property.

When it comes to termites, you can count on Clark Exterminating to treat your home or office. We specialize in pre-construction treatment for homes, office buildings, and businesses. We can also help if your building is currently infested because there wasn’t any pretreatment service. Whatever your bug or insect problem may be, give us a call today:

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