Uncovering Rat Habitats

Uncovering Rat Habits
Rats can gnaw through dirt, wood, and even concrete in order to create their home. They can tear through walls or the foundation of your house and leave behind a trail of dirt and diseases. Our team at Clark Exterminating knows the ins and outs of finding and eliminating these rat habitats in Little RockBentonBryant, and Malvern.

Rats are clever little rodents. They burrow in places you can’t see – under cabinets or behind furniture. They can also roam through your walls without you even knowing! If you suspect a rat is in your house, don’t hesitate to call us. If there is one odds are they’re not alone.

Here are some obscure spots to check for rat holes:

Rocky areas near your garden
Rats are skilled at fitting in small places. They can squeeze between the nooks and crannies in your garden. Check for rat holes that might be partially covered by rocks. Once they’ve invaded your garden or landscaping, it’s not hard for them to find a way inside your house next.

Under kitchen cabinets
They use the darkness to their advantage. Rats like to make holes under kitchen cabinets. This creates a dimly lit hallway to travel underneath those cabinets in search of more food. You may think that hole is just a shadow, but it would serve you well to check again!

Behind large appliances
Appliances such as stoves and refrigerators are a perfect hideout for rats. This is a good place for them to “clean up” any dropped food. What’s worse, these places strategically set them up to chew through the drywall. If a rat scores one of these sweet spots in your house, they’ll have a perfect, well-hidden headquarters.

Don’t be fooled by a rat’s burrowing expertise.  Unless they want to help out with the mortgage, it’s time to evict these rodents! It’s best to have this problem taken care of by a professional. If it’s not cleared up correctly the first time, these rats could leave behind some pretty unsafe conditions for you and your family. Our Clark Exterminating Team will show these unpleasant rodents they are not welcome in your home. Just give us a call at 501-228-0322 if you live in the Greater Little Rock area or 501-776-1388 if you need help in Saline County!

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