What Lurks Beneath: Crawl Space Nightmares

What Lurk Beneath

Moisture, fungus and rot… or not? How would you feel if we told you that fungus could be lurking right under your feet? If left untreated, this could cause significant damage in the crawl space areas of your home. The good news? There’s a simple solution to prevent a slew of problems!

You may find we’re a little old school when it comes to solving these problems…but it works. A vapor barrier is the first and most inexpensive solution. Installing a vapor barrier typically costs around $500 for an average-sized home. If active fungus is found, removal of any batt fiberglass insulation is necessary. Once insulation is removed, all wood within the crawl space should be treated with a fungicide. Then, it’s time to install the vapor barrier. This will kill the fungus and make it inhospitable to grow back.

Insulation is “Not Necessarily Necessary”

Let’s go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? Most people think it’s necessary to have insulation under their homes. Batt fiberglass insulation is inexpensive, so it’s the most common insulation used by builders. We don’t recommend it.

Here’s why:

-It creates air pockets that hold moisture, dust and dirt leading to hidden fungus and rot
-It impairs inspection of the sub-floor for other issues such as plumbing leaks
-It provides nesting sites for rodents
-It deteriorates due to moisture
-It falls to the ground and becomes a termite problem

We recommend having the space under your home inspected by a professional. Clark Exterminating offers free inspections and estimates. Help improve the environment, in and under your home, by controlling moisture and fungus. ​Contact us​ today ​and take back your living space!


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