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Home horticulturalists know spring is the prime time to start planting and working your garden again. It’s important for homeowners to note, however, that the way you plan your garden can seriously impact the potential for pests to invade your home. The secret is to understand the way common pests behave and plan your spring garden around this behavior. Lucky for you, your friends at Clark Exterminating are the pros and know just the tricks for a successful garden and happy home.

In the springtime, pollinators, predators, and parasites all become active and will invade any nutrient-rich space like a garden. It is important to encourage “good” insects to populate your garden to help naturally control the “bad” insects, which will harm not only your plants but your home, too.

“Predatory” insects, like aphid eating lacewings and ladybugs, are a welcomed garden habitant, and love dill, fennel, and sunflower plants. Attracting parasites, which infect the larvae of pests, is also important to stop the growth cycle of “bad bugs” in its tracks. Plant Queen Anne’s Lace and Marigolds to attract “good” parasites. Perhaps most important, pollinators are crucial to any healthy habitat. Luckily, with almost any large, brightly colored bloom, they are very easy to attract.

On top of monitoring your insect population, you should also be strategic about where you plant certain plant species. Vegetable and flower gardens should be kept away from the house, to avoid leading ants toward your kitchen and to discourage bees from nesting anywhere near your home.

Taller vegetation, such as fruit and ornamental trees, should also be kept at a distance from your home’s roofline and other freestanding structures. Their branches can easily become bridges to the wood in your home that termites and carpenter ants will love to munch on.

Even with plenty of monitoring and moderation, it is sometimes impossible to bend an entire species population to your will. If pests are relentless on your property despite your best efforts, it’s time to call in a pro. The professionals at Clark Exterminating have years of experience dealing with springtime pests and can handle even the worst infestation. We even offer FREE in-home estimates, so call us today to set up an appointment, the bug stops here!

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