Watch Out for Unexpected Guests this Holiday

Unexpected Holiday Guests

It’s Thanksgiving week! Okay, yes we know Thanksgiving is celebrated on Thursday; we can’t help but feel it all week long! Plus, family members will start coming in town and friends will stop by – all to gather for a delicious meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and so much more! Are you in the spirit yet?

Now that we’ve got you in the holiday spirit, it’s time to prep for you with a little warning. As your friends and family are gathered around a cozy fire and warm home, there may be some unwanted houseguests creeping into your home, too. A cozy fire doesn’t sound half bad to little furry critters. If you find chewed-up wires or droppings around your home, you’ve probably got a rodent of some sort hanging out around your place. Our Clark Exterminating team created a list of four little varmints to keep an eye out for as the holiday season ensues.

Norway Rat
These are some of the most common rats found around America. These little rodents are often found in urban and suburban neighborhoods. One of this year’s most famous Norway rats was found dragging a slice of pizza down a New York subway’s stairs and was dubbed as “Pizza Rat.” Though we all had a pretty good laugh at Pizza Rat, we can’t really say we’d like him joining us at the table this Thanksgiving. Some of the most common places you might spot a Norway rat would be around the subway, in your attics, or around your trash.

Deer Mouse
If you spot just one of these little mice, it might be cute. However, one little mouse can turn into quite a few of them in just 25 days. A female deer mouse gives birth to 3 to 11 young per litter! Deer mice are very small can sneak into your home when the weather gets cooler and will search for a warm place for their young.

House Mouse
House mice are some of the most common mammals in the world and are found just about everywhere. Just like deer mice, these critters like to live in close proximity to humans. They are tiny but they cause big problems. House mice have a very short gestation period and breed a lot of mice in less than a month. House mice like to build nests in woodpiles, under floors, and other locations that would otherwise be hidden from predators.

Roof Rat
These rodents are normally found in roofs and upper parts of buildings, hence their name. They are also called black rats or ship rats. Roof rats usually enter homes through the roof or locations near utility lines, which they use as a mode of transportation to get from place to place. Like the two other types of mice we mentioned, roof rats have a gestation period of an average of 25 days.

Our family here at Clark Exterminating wants to make sure that all unwanted critters and rodents steer clear of your family this holiday season. To keep all of those uninvited guests out of your home this season, give Clark Exterminating a call to take care of any potential or existing infestations. We’d love to help you keep your house clean of all of those sneaky rodents throughout the winter months. We’ll make sure that no creatures will be scurrying throughout your house, especially a mouse.

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