5 Festive Bugs

5 Festive Bugs
It’s finally December, and our entire Clark Exterminating family is getting in the Christmas spirit. Did you know there are some bugs out there that get in the holiday spirit, too? Okay, maybe not the holly, jolly kind of spirit. We’re talking about bugs that are festive in their appearance or are more common during the holidays. A few of our Clark pros put together a list of what to watch out for when it comes to bugs around the holidays.
1. Christmas beetle
This little guy not only looks festive, but it has Christmas right in its name. Christmas beetles are natives of Australia and are found mostly around, you guessed it, at Christmas time. There are 35 species of Christmas beetles, and most of them are brightly colored: usually they’re golden brown, but they can be green or black. They eat the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree.
2. Ladybug
Ladybugs look like they’re ready to go to a Christmas party all year round with their festive red exoskeletons. Have you noticed them around your house more now that the weather is cooler? Though we’d like to think that they’re coming into the house to celebrate Christmas with us, ladybugs make their way into homes in the winter to look for a place to hibernate. They’re attracted to lightly colored houses and the heat inside.
3. Bark lice
Bark lice might not sound all that festive, but you’ve probably seen them a time or two, especially if you get a live Christmas tree every year. Bark lice use Christmas trees as a place to hibernate for the winter. When a Christmas tree is brought out of the cold and into a heated living room, it’s like summer for the bark lice and they’ll become active again. If you notice an unfamiliar insect after you bring your tree home, bark lice might be trying to make your house their home for the holidays.
4. Cigarette beetle
Cigarette beetles are found in dried plant materials, like herbs and spices. If you’re going to make a pumpkin pie or use dried sage in dressing for Christmas dinner, be sure to give it a good look before you pour it into your mixture to see if there are any visitors. They might even be found in a poinsettia if you’ve forgotten to water it as it begins to dry out.
5. Aphids
Like many other pests, aphids are likely to hitch a ride into your home on your live Christmas tree this holiday season. Though some aphids are bright green and festive, those often found in Christmas trees are usually brown or black and hide in the lower branches of Christmas trees. Some tree sellers may offer to shake the tree before you take it home to prevent these guys from coming to your home for Christmas.
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