9 Creepy-Crawly Pest Phobias

Creepy-Crawly Pest Phobias

Halloween is a time where spooky decorations and scary stories are shared. For some people, however, some fears stick around for a lifetime. Phobias can stem from a traumatic childhood experience, an injury, or genuinely being freaked out by something. As a company that focuses on bugs for a living – Clark Exterminating knows all about phobias. A simple online search of the word “phobia” results in millions of pages of fears for just about anything.

Did you know there are certain phobias specifically related to pests? We compiled a list of nine pest phobias that, with a little help from our Clark Exterminating pros, we can keep those fears at bay.


1. Arachnophobia: The fear of spiders. You’ve probably heard of this phobia, or worse, you might even have it. This is one of the most common phobias. This phobia also covers the fear of scorpions, ticks, mites, and granddaddy longlegs.

2. Entomophobia: The fear of one or more classes of insects. If you don’t enjoy the company of ANY type of bug, then you might have this phobia.

3. Katsaridaphobia: The fear of cockroaches. Sufferers of Katsaridaphobia generally feel uncomfortable or anxious when they’re near cockroaches or any environment where these bugs might live. Those with extreme Katsaridaphobia may even have a panic attack when they see a cockroach.

4. Agrizoophobia: The fear of wild animals. Though wild animals aren’t exactly a “pest,” we prefer to keep anything “wild” out of our homes. The thought of anything exotic inside our houses makes us thankful for pest control!
5. Muriphobia or Musophobia: The fear of rats and mice. Some are thoroughly scared at just the sight of a mouse or rat. Other muriphobiacs can be scared of the way mice and rats feel. Others still may be scared of getting nibbled on by one of these furry critters.

6. Acaraphobia: Fear of itching or insects that cause bites that itch. These types of bugs include ticks, bedbugs, or lice. Some say this fear can come from an incident with bedbugs just once and that feeling that the infected area is never fully clean. Others acquire this fear after seeing a lice or bedbugs in a movie or on TV.

7. Isopterophobia: The fear of termites or insects that eat wood. Some people are more scared of the actual termites rather than the damage they can do to their homes.

8. Herpetophobia: The fear of reptiles or slithery, disturbing bugs. We’ve built our business out of keeping creepy, crawly pests away from Arkansas homes. It’s safe to say that most of our customers might have this phobia, and honestly, who doesn’t?

9. Entonophobia: The fear of ticks. Though our furry friends can’t talk, surely most of our pets have this phobia. No one likes to find a tiny, blood-sucking tick on a pet or us. Just thinking about one crawling around makes our skin crawl.

Our team at Clark Exterminating can help keep those phobias at bay with regular pest-control treatment plans for your home. Call us for a quote to find out what kind of pest control is best for you and your family.

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