Creeping in Your Cupboard: 3 Pantry Pests to Look Out For

3 Pantry Pests

Cereal, cake mixes, boxes of macaroni and cheese…you probably have a variety of dry food items in your pantry. However, did you know that certain types of pests are drawn to your cupboard, and might just be hiding out in there right now? Gross! Beetles, ants, and Indian meal moths are just a few of the creatures that could be crawling around in your open boxes and bags! That’s why it’s extremely important to store food in tightly sealed containers. So, what are these pests looking to get a taste of?

Pantry Pest Infestations

Pantry pests are bugs that are attracted to dry, processed foods that are stored in most homes. These pests often infest open containers of:

-Dry pasta
-Dry pet food
-Powdered milk
-Dried fruit
You’ll often notice small moths flying or beetles crawling around the food source, but some pantry pests are small and blend in easily. Again, the bugs to look out for in your pantry include merchant grain beetles, Indian meal moths, and ants. It’s important to inspect all open bags and boxes before using a product. You won’t be very happy if you find the bugs after eating a meal you’ve prepared…yuck!

Preventing Pests

When it comes to preventing an infestation, the good news is there are several things you can be proactive about. It’s easier to prevent an infestation than it is to get rid of one — not to mention, you’ll have a lot of spoiled food on your hands if bugs fill your cupboard! A few things you can do now include:

 -Storing food in proper containers. We know this can be a bit of a headache, but we promise it’s worth it! Buy a set of sealable glass or plastic containers to store food in. Pests can easily chew their way through paper or cardboard, and if there’s even a small opening, they can crawl or fly right in!
 -Cleaning your pantry regularly. Make sure there aren’t any crumbs, sticky spots or loose pieces of food in your cupboard.
 -Inspecting your groceries. Pantry pests can be brought into your home with your groceries. Inspect all bags and boxes of food before adding them to your shopping cart.
 -Tossing expired food. This one is pretty straightforward. Make sure that you’re tossing old food as it expires, especially baking ingredients.
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