Critters Love the Great Indoors, Too

Critter Love the Great

There are many benefits we enjoy as homeowners. Whether it’s choosing your own décor on a regular basis, savoring moments on your porch or relishing in your lush landscaping – being a homeowner has some serious perks. But (there’s always a “but,” isn’t there?), there are also many responsibilities and annoyances, too.

At Clark Exterminating, we’re an expert on some of those things that annoy most homeowners. Most of those frustrations relate to bugs, critters, pests and everything in between. Sure, the majority of bugs enjoy the great outdoors. But what about the ones that are just as infatuated with the “great indoors?”

Turns out, if you enjoy the luxury of living in one of the state’s “wealthy” neighborhoods, there is a greater chance for more bugs to live inside and around your home. That lush landscaping you admire actually attracts more bugs! A recent study suggests that larger homes with extensive nearby vegetation and a higher neighborhood mean income leads to more types of critters – arthropods, specifically, indoors.

The idea is that, essentially, a larger home equals more pests inside. This is referred to as the “Luxury Effect.” Affluence is associated with a larger, specifically, more diverse population of arthropods indoors due to increased square footage and excessive plant life in the neighborhood.

While this study shows a direct correlation between house size and plant life to a diverse population of bugs, only 50 homes were included in the research, a larger study with more data is required for more conclusive statistics.

However, we know bugs and insects are the definitions of uninvited and welcome guests in your home. With a little digging, here are the top ten pests you’re likely to find in your home.

1. Spiders
2. Roaches
3. Wasps
4. Bed bugs
5. Flies
6. Fleas
7. Moths
8. Woodworms
9. Rodents
10. Ants

Whether it’s a 3,000 square-foot mansion or a 500-square foot studio, no pest should get in the way of being a homeowner. If you’re experiencing an increased number, or type, of critters in your home, make sure to give us a call. We offer free in-home estimates, so contact us today!


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