Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight

Even if you don’t think you see any critters or pests around your home, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They may be discreetly lingering in your walls, creeping in your garage or even “hiding” right before your very eyes. Insects are masters of the art of camouflage – they can disguise themselves as leaves, blend in with their surroundings, or even attach the dead carcasses of their prey to their bodies (that one is a little too much, even for us).

Clark Exterminating team members are trained in finding even the most talented hiders of the insect world. We compiled some advice from our talented team of exterminators on what you should look for around your home to find these clever critters.

Right Before Your Eyes
The Lichen Katydid blends in so well with its natural habitat that it’s hard to see where the insect ends and the plant begins. Lichens are slow-growing plants that live on rocks, walls, and trees that vary in color, size, and form. Lichen Katydids are white and wispy creatures that crawl along with the lichens they live near in a masked manner. Look closely next time you’re clearing the garden or pulling weeds and you may just spot one.


Leafy Disguise
There are many insects that are considered to be “experts of disguise,” but would you consider butterflies part of that group? Butterflies, specifically the Kallima Butterfly, have mastered the art of camouflage as dead-looking, veiny leaves. According to a study, Kallima butterflies, also known as dead leaf butterflies, gradually evolved to perfect their disguise.
Butterflies aren’t the only insect to disguise themselves as dead leaves. The first-ever spider mimicking a leaf was discovered earlier this year. This arachnid, found in a rainforest in China, uses its silk to attach leaves to branches then hides among them. The leaf-mimicking spider supposedly brings dead leaves with it up the tree to masquerade itself better. Next time you plan on climbing trees, make sure to take a closer look at what could be hiding among those branches!


Hiding Among the Dead
A team of researchers recently uncovered thousands of amber fossils that show how insects have been disguising themselves by using their surroundings for centuries. Some even wear the exoskeletons of their prey on top of their backs for the ultimate gruesome camouflage. The modern-day “Assassin Bug” stacks the dead bodies of ants on its back to confuse its predators. For the human world, this method of disguise to hide from prey is a bit extreme, but for an insect, it’s worth it.

While some of these bugs can be found all over the world, you may have a few hiding right in your own backyard. If you suspect anything looking a bit suspicious, give us a call. Don’t forget – we offer free in-home estimates.


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