March Madness: Insects vs. Rodents

March Madness

March Madness is in full swing and the excitement continues as we head deeper into the NCAA Tournament. Here at Clark Exterminating, we may deal with bugs all day, but we have a competitive nature, too. Our Clark team decided to jump feet first into March Madness with our very own bracket: insects vs. rodents. Pick your favorite match-up and which pest you think could win it all!


“Bug Bosses”

Insects may be small, but they are mighty! Don’t count against any of these irritating insects. When it comes to cockroaches and bed bugs, these insects are no “Cinderella story.” These two bugs are resilient and quite pesky.

Cockroaches are always prepared for battle with their protective exoskeleton bodysuits and swift, cat-like reflexes. These pesky pests are quick on the “court” as they dodge shoes and attack the cookie crumbs you left on the kitchen counter. Did you know cockroaches can go six months without food or water? They can also survive freezing temperatures!

Coming in as a 4-seed in our bracket challenge is the sneaky, unrelenting bed bug. These pests will hide in plain sight – right inside your warm, cozy bed! These insects are tiny and smart. Bed bugs wait until their prey is sleeping so they can attach themselves to a human body. Did you know a bed bug can engorge its weight six times over in ten minutes or less? That’s both gross and impressive at the same time.

“Rodent Warriors”

Taking a look at the insect opponents is a group of rambunctious rodents. Although our pest control experts know a thing or two about all of these rodents, we’ve got some strategic insight to share about rats and squirrels.

Rats are notorious for stealing food, damaging goods, and spreading disease. Additionally, sometimes these rodents invite their own fleas to the party. If the rat doesn’t ruin your home, the fleas certainly won’t make things any more comfortable.

Now squirrels may seem cute and furry, but they can cause some serious damage to your home. Scurrying about in the attic, squirrels can chew holes through your roof and move right in, rent-free. It can be tough to know they exist unless you can pin their entry point. You’ll often hear them before you see them.

While these bugs and rodents may never match up against each other in real life, they’re no match for our team. At Clark Exterminating, our specialty is getting rid of pests you don’t want around your home. We’re just a phone call away. Remember the Bug Stops Here!


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