News From The Bark Side: By Asher

Rut-Roh, hoomans and furr-frriends! I’m Asher, the office dog at Clark Exterminating (or the king as I  see it!). My mom, Shelley, drives me to work every day. It’s my job to greet all the hoomans when they come to visit, like the mailman! I also share French fries with my coworkers at lunchtime, get unlimited belly rubs, roll around outside and play with my fur-friends next door! I pretty much have it  made. Can you say dream job?

I LOVE playing outside — especially when squirrels are around! SQUIRREL! I could chase squirrels all day! My mom has been keeping me stuck inside so I haven’t seen many lately. She told me my  squirrel pals and fur-friends can leave behind these tiny bugs that get on me, crawl around and cause  me to itch though. My mom calls them “fleas.” I don’t like fleas at all! Yuck! Fleas get on me when I  play outside, and I can bring them in our house to my hoomans. They can also lay eggs in my fur.  Those eggs can fall onto the floor when I shake, scratch and scoot around! Arf! I don’t want to be sent  to the dog house!  

My parents work hard to keep the fleas off of me. They use this special stuff they get from my doctor  (the vet), and it works SUPER great! I hear the hoomans at the office telling our customers about it all  the time. My fur-friends tell me that not all special stuff works the same though. Some stuff won’t  even kill the fleas on my friends until they’ve already been bitten. That sounds RUFF!  If your furry friend happened to bring fleas inside, call the hoomans at Clark Exterminating! They know everything about getting rid of bugs — how co-OOOO-ol is that? Say buh-bye to fleas! Your  four-legged friends will thank you.  

OOH — mailman’s here! Got to go chase him! (At least he doesn’t have fleas…… we hope!)

Are you ready to get rid of your flea problem? Contact my hoomans today! Your furr babies will thank you!

Remember, at Clark Exterminating “The Bug Stops Here!”

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