Pest Control Prep for the Winter

Prep for the Winter

As the warm, sunny days fade away and crisp, cooler air makes its way into The Natural State, outdoor critters strive to survive. Bears hibernate, squirrels store up food, and pests, well, they take up residence in your house.

You don’t want creepy spiders crawling into your Jacksonville home (unless it’s a leftover Halloween decoration, of course). Ladybugs may be cute, but that doesn’t mean they need to infest your Conway home. And no one in central Arkansas wants roaches roaming around their abode. At Clark Exterminating, we know how important it is to have pest control during the cooler, winter months. Here are some winter pest problem areas to keep an eye on in order to protect your home.
Even though temperatures in your attic can be extreme, it makes an excellent hideout for a variety of pests such as scorpions, spiders, ants, and roaches. A welcomed shelter from the elements, attics often contain boxes and unused items in which pests love to make their winter home.

Unsealed entry points
During the “Great Pest Migration of Fall,” unsealed entry points into your home will be targeted by a host of unwanted houseguests. Any unsealed doors, torn screens, or cracks in your foundation or walls can and will be taken advantage of by anything from ants to spiders to rodents.

Nests, webs, and other pest habitats
When spider webs, egg cases, and rat holes are found, big problems can follow. These little pest homes may remain untouched during winter, but when springtime comes around, your home (filled with ready-to-go pest habitats) will be primed for re-infestation.

Inside your walls
Many insects including termites, carpenter ants, bed bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, and even rodents like rats or mice prefer to live within the inside of your walls all year long. Cold weather won’t deter them at all! The spaces behind your walls offer these pests the microclimate, rough wood surfaces, and tight spaces they enjoy.

Winter is a great time for a meticulous inspection of your home. By evaluating your home inside and outside, our Clark Exterminating team can identify conditions for pest problems. Our crew will fix any pest-related issues they find, making your home well equipped to fight off critters that reemerge when warmer weather arrives.

Don’t let these pests take advantage of your home this winter; protect your home year-round. Call our Little Rock office at (501) 588-2514 or (501) 712-3721 in Benton and let us make sure your home doesn’t become a winter pest haven! Clark Exterminating wants to make sure you stay cozy this winter without critters creeping around your home.

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