Pest Control Perks

Pest Control Perks

When it comes to pest control, Clark Exterminating has helped residents from Benton to Jacksonville, Fort Smith to Hot Springs and everywhere in between for 35 years! Hopefully your pest control needs are for maintenance rather than to fix a pest disaster. Here at Clark Exterminating, we love helping our customers with whatever pest troubles they may have…just consider us your pest-busting pals!

All too often, we’re called to service homes that were once bug-free but are now inconspicuously invaded by bugs. Thankfully, we are ready for any bug problem – we want to stop bugs before they become a problem.

It requires a bit of maintenance in order to keep bugs away. But here’s the good thing, investing in pest control can save you money in the long run. For example, regular termite treatment is exponentially cheaper than what it would cost to fix a house with an actual termite infestation.

Here are a few perks of having annual pest management for your home:

Bug problems decrease the value of your real estate; therefore, regular maintenance can improve your home’s value. As a homeowner, you know that unexpected costs before closing a deal are a pain. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and money by routinely having your property checked for any bug issues. Older homes are more susceptible to letting bugs get inside; if your home falls in this category, regular pest control is a must.

Pest maintenance can help preserve the charm and character of an old home. Many people look for unique architectural details when purchasing a home. We call it “character,” bugs call it “lunch.” Bugs don’t care about the details that make your home so special. Instead, they see it as a tasty snack that will be hard to restore.

Pest management makes the process easier for you. It’s the difference between finding a cockroach in your cereal box versus letting us find them for you. As a homeowner, you know there are hundreds of projects that pop up around the house. But if you have routine pest management, that will scratch off any bug-related items from your to-do list.

Call us at 501-588-2514 for our Little Rock office or 501-712-3721 for our office in Benton if you’re ready to stop bug problems before they happen. Whatever your need, our Clark Exterminating team will work with you as pest control professionals and friends.

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