Fun Facts About Ants

Fun Facts About Ants

Pesky ants are something we are all familiar with! Our team at Clark Exterminating is often tasked with eliminating ant infestations in Conway, Jacksonville, Benton, and all over Central Arkansas. Usually, when homeowners find a group of ants in their home, we come in and find hundreds – maybe even thousands – hiding where you can’t see. Our job is to get rid of those ants and make sure they don’t return all the while ensuring that you, as a homeowner, feel confident enough to relax in an ant-free home.

While it’s true, ants are infuriating; they are also quite interesting little critters. How about a few fun facts to help you find out what these ants might be up to in your house:
Ants will partner with other insects to get food.
Ants will do just about anything to satiate their sugary cravings. Instead of using numbers to take down bigger bugs, some ants will partner with sap-sucking insects to provide them sugary foods in return for protective services. The sap-sucking insects are drawn to an ant’s ability to nurture their young. This opens new doors for the insects to leave their offspring to find more sap to suck.Ants can carry objects 50 times their own size.
Although they are small in size, ants have thick muscles on those tiny bodies. An ant’s strength is pretty unbelievable in relation to its size. An ant can carry an object up to 50 times bigger than its size. If humans’ muscles were proportioned like ants, we would all be like the Incredible Hulk with the ability to lift and throw cars!

Scout ants lead worker ants to food by leaving scent trails.
These clever critters leave trails of pheromones to lead their partners to food. When scout ants leave the nest in search of food, they’ll consume some of the food and then return directly to the nest leaving behind a scented trail. Foraging ants will follow the scented path to gather the food until it is completely collected.

Ants can “enslave” other ants.
When queen ants fight to the death, the winning queen can take over the losing queen’s colony. This makes it possible for an entire colony of ants to work as slaves to another ant colony. Some ant species send fully matured ants to raid colonies to bring back cocoons.. Queen ants are spurred to take over other colonies to ensure a steady supply of worker ants.

No matter how clever ants can be – our team at Clark Exterminating is always ready to take on any level of ant elimination you may need. We know how to find them and how to make sure they don’t come back. Call us at 501-588-2514 for our Little Rock office or 501-712-3721 for our office in Benton to let us deal with those pesky little ants.

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