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Protect Your Plants

Do you have bugs like spiders, fleas, and ants in your garden or lawn? Now that spring has come around, these tenacious pests have been causing damage to Arkansas plants and are making it difficult to maintain a healthy landscape. What’s more, these pests can be attracted by your plants and then set up their unwanted colony in your home! If you need pest control in Little Rock, ant extermination in Conway, bed bug treatment in Hot Springs, and more, give our team at Clark Exterminating a call and get rid of your bug problem today.

If you haven’t noticed, there seem to be more and more bugs flying and crawling around these days, and as the weather heats up around Arkansas these bugs will continue to become more active and multiply. Here are a couple of pests you should keep an eye out for in your garden this spring:

Fire Ants
Everyone’s favorite picnic-ruiners, fire ants are going to be very active in Central Arkansas this year, so keep an eye out for anthills or activity. Simple pesticides can keep fire ants under control in the garden, but if they start making their way into your home it’s time to call a professional pest control company like Clark Exterminating.

In your garden, spiders may in fact be beneficial to the growth of your plants by eating any other pests that come their way. However, they have a higher chance of making their way into your home as well, and you definitely don’t want them in your house when they start to breed and multiply.

There are lots of good ways to keep pests away from your plants, but keeping them out of your home can be a much more difficult task. If you need termite control in Little Rock, spider extermination in Cabot, or ant treatment in Jacksonville, contact Clark Exterminating today!

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