Spider Control Tips Before Winter

Tips Before Winter

At Clark Exterminating, we know that winters in Arkansas can be brutal and unpredictable. As the weather gets colder, spiders may be looking for a safe place to roam. Not all spiders are bad, but that doesn’t mean that you need to welcome them into your Cabot, Hot Springs, or Little Rock home. A spider infestation could be a serious health risk to your family if the problem is severe enough.

Here are a few things you can do before the harsh winter weather arrives to deter spiders from entering your home:

Keep storage areas clutter-free.
Spiders tend to seek secluded and undisturbed areas in order to build a web to catch their next meal. If there are areas in your house that have been untouched for a while, take a moment to make sure spiders aren’t setting up camp in your stuff. Don’t let any areas of the house become cluttered or unused for an extended period of time – that’s just opening the doors for creepy-crawly critters to sneak in.Seal cracks on the outside of your house.
You can use caulk to seal window frames and cracks on the exterior of your house. If you know you have a major crack somewhere around your house, it’s important to address it before the winter. You don’t want spiders secretly getting into your house and hiding in its structure. You also wouldn’t want to allow any moisture inside that could potentially create even bigger problems.

Inspect bags, boxes, and decorations that were kept in storage or outdoor space.
Give these items a quick look-through before bringing them inside during the winter.
Boxes of decorations you stored after the last holiday season are the perfect place for a spider to leave its eggs. Packages should also be inspected carefully. Whoever sent you that package may not have spider-proofed their home as diligently as you! They may be delivering some unexpected guests if you’re not careful.

If you discover a spider infestation, call Clark Exterminating at 501-588-2514 for our Little Rock office or 501-712-3721 for our office in Benton. Our team has serviced this area for over 30 years. This means that we can take care of your spider problem – no matter how harsh the weather.

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