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Pest control is no joke – more than nine out of ten allergists surveyed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) this March stated that a pest-free home is a key to allergy and asthma symptom prevention. Allergy season is in full swing for Central Arkansas and now is the best time for pest treatment or extermination to get rid of bugs that might be making your allergies flare up.

If you need termite treatment in Little Rock, ant extermination in Malvern, or cockroach control in Hot Springs give our team at Clark Exterminating a call today and we’ll take care of your bug problem with fast and effective treatments that will get rid of pests for good.

The AAFA study included almost 500 allergists who were asked about their opinions on pests and allergy sensitivity. There are several common pests that can seriously aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. Did you know that 63% of American homes contain some cockroach material? As uncomfortable as it is to think about, cockroach feces and bodies can make their way into the air you breathe. That’s why it’s extra important to call a professional to get rid of these pests if you have a history of allergies.

Here are some other surprising facts from the AAFA study:

76% of allergists stated that, except for dust mites, cockroaches cause the most problems for allergy sufferers in the home, 57% of allergists rank rodents second and 63% rank stinging insects third.

95% of allergists revealed that they commonly advise their patients to limit or reduce sources of pest allergies in the home.

90% of allergists recommended that patients with pest problems should seek help from a pest control professional. The most common suggestion from allergists in the study’s open forum had to do with encouraging patients to hire a professional exterminator.

At Clark Exterminating, we take pest allergies very seriously, and we’re working hard to make Little Rock homes remain safe, habitable, and pest-free this season. If you need to get rid of ants, spiders, fleas, and more in Central Arkansas give us a call today at 501-712-3721 (Benton) or 501-588-2514 (Little Rock).

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