What’s Lurking in Your Home?

Christmas Tree Bugs

The holidays may have ended but that doesn’t mean the pests got the memo. Unfortunately, they don’t keep a tight schedule of when to stop invading your home. While you may be finally settling down after a busy season of holiday parties and busy plans, the bugs are still out to play. Here are six bugs that may have overstayed their welcome after the holidays:


1. Roaches
You aren’t the only one who has been enjoying those delicious holiday meals. The roaches have been too! If you have leftovers, be sure they are all properly stored so that bugs can’t get to them. The worst thing would be to open your pantry and find a roach instead of your food! Be sure that you are taking your trash out promptly so you aren’t attracting these icky bugs into your home.

2. Bed Bugs
Hopefully, you haven’t brought any home with you! Be sure to be mindful of your luggage after traveling and check that you didn’t give a free ride to any unwanted guests. For more information, here’s a post we did on “Avoid A Bed Bug Invasion While Traveling This Holiday Season”.

3. Spiders
This creepy crawlies can crawl right up your bathroom drain. Eek! They like to enter your home that way because it’s warm, damp, and dark. Since spiders like moisture, be sure to also check your shower before jumping in. You never know if you might have a visitor.

4. Christmas tree bugs
Live Christmas trees are beautiful, but can often carry bugs that aren’t. Hopefully, your Christmas tree wasn’t full of critters! While crazy to think about, it’s pretty common. Not to worry though, you probably said goodbye to most of them when you took your tree out. Just make sure that you vacuum well and watch out for bug markings in your home.

5. Ants
Even with all the leftovers if your food isn’t put up properly, you can attract a slew of ants. They love sugar and we all know the holidays are full of sweet treats. Be sure to thoroughly clean your kitchen to get rid of any sticky messes that might attract a whole army of ants.


6. Firewood bugs
Even though the holidays are over, the holiday winter weather is sticking around. Be careful when bringing in your firewood to check if you’re bringing in bugs with you. Keeping a tarp or similar cover over your wood can help to keep bugs away.

The holidays may be over, but lurking pests are still out and about, trying to find a way into your home. If you have unwanted guests in your home, be sure to call the experts at Clark Exterminating. We know how to make those pests get out and stay out. Remember, “The Bug Stops Here!”


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