Why DIY Pest Control Doesn’t Always Work

DIY Pest Control Doesnt work

As a homeowner, you can change or fix some things around the house on your own. You can repaint a bedroom or swap out cabinet fixtures in your bathroom. But you probably wouldn’t attempt to rewire your house or knock out a wall without professional guidance. The same goes for pest control.

Some insect problems are definitely bigger than a simple DIY project. So what issues in your Cabot or Benton home would actually qualify for professional help? Our team at Clark Exterminating put together this list: “10 Signs That it’s Time to Call the Pros.”


1. Mud Tubes – If you see mud tubes in your home or on your home’s foundation, it’s time to call for help. These are usually the first visible sign of a termite. They are about the size of a pencil and serve as a gateway for termites into your home.

2. Visual Damage – Damage inside your home or on personal possessions is one of the most obvious signs of a bug problem. Termites enjoy the wood from furniture as well as the wood from walls. Roaches, beetles, and moths can slowly eat away drywall and even clothing.

3. Strange Smells – Bedbugs and roaches actually can generate a strange smell when they are infesting a home, like sour or spoiled fruit. This odor means there is a large colony of pests inside your home. Our exterminators can get rid of the pests and the smell.

4. Skin Irritation or Bites – If you or a family member wakes up with unexplained bites or skin irritation, call Clark Exterminating right away. This could be a sign that bedbugs have made it into the home and are feeding during the night. Skin irritation could also occur when a person has a minor allergy to certain pests.

5. Dead Bugs – Live pests and insects are a nuisance, but they’re not the only ones that should cause you to worry. If you’re seeing a lot of dead bugs throughout your house, it could be a sign of a larger problem. Many more could be living in the walls of your home. Let one of our exterminators come thoroughly investigate the house to treat any problems.

6. Nest of Stinging Insects – This time of year, stinging insects are not a huge concern. However, during the summer months, it’s not uncommon to see a wasp or yellow jacket flying around. Half a million people each year go to the emergency room because of a stinging insect. If you see a nest of them outside your home, avoid getting stung and call the pros.

7. Using Poison or Traps – You might feel capable of handling a pest or insect problem by setting up poison or traps around the house. But do you really know how to handle these dangerous products? Consider the others in your household before bringing these into your home. Do you have young children or pets? How should you keep them safe from the poison or traps? An exterminator not only uses products on a regular basis but will also know all the tips and tricks to keep children and pets safe during the process.

8. You’re Overwhelmed – You know there’s a big problem, but honestly, when you get to the bug spray aisle you have no idea what you need to get. Don’t buy 10 different kinds of sprays and traps. It’s better to get professional guidance if you are unsure. Our professionals at Clark Exterminating know how to customize treatment for your home and situation.

9. Recurring Problems – The do-it-yourself approach can work for a short time. However, if the same problem keeps happening, it’s time to look to someone else for help. Just like you’d call a doctor when your over-the-counter treatment fails, the same concept applies to pest control.

10. Looking at the Long-Term – Sure you might have a small problem now, but what about this time next year? The same issue could pop up and cause another whirlwind of frustration. It’s time to plan ahead. At Clark Exterminating, we can schedule regular pest control services. We’ll make sure that your current problem is solved and that your home is pest-free in the future!

When it comes to homeownership, there are many things you can “DIY.” However, pest control isn’t one of them. If your problem made our list above, give Clark Exterminating a call. Call us today at 501-588-2514 if you’re in the Greater Little Rock area or 501-776-1388 in the Benton area.

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