Avoid Becoming a Winter Vacation Home for Bugs

Home for Bugs

Tis the season for sparkling lights, festive holiday parties, and bugs. Wait, bugs? Yes, that’s right, bugs. Believe it or not, there are several pests that are quite popular this time of year. As your cozied up next to the fire, certain bugs are looking to do the same. Several types of pests like to hibernate in our homes to outlast the freezing temperatures. Here at Clark Exterminating, we want to make sure your home doesn’t become a winter vacation stop for any pest (in-laws not included).


Ladybugs swarm your house because they’re looking for a place to hibernate for the winter. Even more so, they hibernate in clusters. If just one little ladybug finds a place on your house to crawl into for warmth and shelter, the rest are sure to follow. Don’t worry, unlike other pests, ladybugs don’t do any damage to your house. Though they’re believed to bring good luck, they can still be a nuisance. Repair loose-fitting windows and doors, seal cracks, and secure vents to keep them from getting into your home. If you spot any inside your house, suck them up with a vacuum cleaner and release them outside. Releasing them outside may sound weird, but if you don’t any survivors could crawl out of the vacuum bag and re-infest your house.

Crazy Ants
Yes, that is their real name. Especially common in southern states, they come in large numbers. What makes this type of ant so different from the rest is that they aren’t after your typical sugary spills or chip crumbs. Crazy ants like to infest your electronics – TVs, window units, car stereos, etc. They swarm in such large numbers that they can even become one large mass inside your devices and short a circuit…yikes! With all those new gadgets and gizmos you’re getting for Christmas, you might want to look a little closer to make sure there aren’t any unwanted “accessories.”Bed Bugs
Bed bugs – those creepy, crawly, unwanted pests. We all know what they are and fear the day we find them in our homes. Bed bugs aren’t only hiding in your beds either; they can be found along baseboards, in couches, behind art hanging on the walls. You name it and bed bugs will find a way to creep inside. If you’re traveling this holiday season, be extra cautious of your surroundings and make sure you’re not bringing along unwanted guests to your family get-together. For tips on how to prevent bed bugs during your holiday travels, check out our blog on this very topic!
One of the quickest and easiest ways to prevent these creatures from crawling into your home is to keep an organized, clutter-free home. There are a variety of products that can help terminate crazy ants and bed bugs, but those DIY products are never 100% successful. That’s what your friends at Clark Exterminating are for – let the pest control experts handle your pesky pest problems. If you see any unwanted guests in your home this Holiday season, make sure you give us a call. Don’t forget – we offer free in-home estimates.

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